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Desolder with ease, the all-new WEP 948D III

Mar 08,2024 | WEP Tools

WEP 948D-III Multi-Station

What’s new?

(all comparisons are made to previous WEP generations)

  • New and improved desoldering handpiece heating system.
  • New desoldering nozzle design. (with greater thermal mass)
  • Added preheat indicator light.

Through-hold Desoldering with WEP 948D-III

The major upgrades for this station significantly improve the desoldering efficiency and ensure clog-free desoldering on a broad range of through-hole solder joints. Users can enjoy:


  • Greater heating power
  • Quicker desoldering
  • Less solder residue on solder pads after desoldering
  • Less frequent maintenance required
  • Shorter preheat time
  • Clear indication when the station is ready for use

Click here to check-out WEP 948D-III

List of desoldering nozzle variations

- Click here for 0.8mm

- Click here for 1.0mm

- Click here for 1.2mm

- Click here for 2.0mm

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