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How to use quick-change nozzles from WEP

May 04,2023 | WEP Tools

Desolder with Hot Air Gun

The straight-piped nozzles provide a directional guide for the hot air to travel. These nozzles are universally used for lots of different applications including SMD components of different sizes, shrinking heat shrink tubes, removing conformal coatings, and more.

Spiralling Air Vents

The spiraling-delivery design nozzle is used to deliver the hot air with a spiraling motion, making the air more centralized for heating a specific small area. This works much like a pressurized water hose, where you can deliver heat much more precisely than using a straight-piped nozzle.

Spiral-shaped Nozzle

The round shape is the most universally adopted nozzle shape, with many applications suitable. You can use the nozzle for rework jobs on components with SOIC, QFP, PLCC, SOP, and BGA packaging. There is almost no limit as to how this shape can be used.

Round-shaped Nozzle

The square shape is also one of the more common shapes used for reworking larger-sized square-shaped components. For example, SMD components with CLCC, LCCC, SOIC, QFT, BGA, PLCC packaging.

Some nozzles are built for a specific component packaging type. For example, the nozzle in the image is specially engineered to provide two rows of heat outlets, centralizing the heat delivery to just the component’s pin. This prevents potential overheating, thus damaging the component itself.